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    Default Tocadilly, a lovely soft floral.

    I came across references to Tocadilly by Rochas in my reading a couple of weeks ago, and out of curiosity ordered a small bottle blind. I wasn't disappointed, though I can see why some others have dismissed it as a lightweight that is past its time.

    Its notes are:

    Cucumber, Lilac, Hyacinth,Pear, Jasmine, Tiare, Wisteria, Mallow, Mimosa, Mandarin Glycerine,Heliotrope Coconut, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

    This is indeed a lightweight. It is barely a whisper of a perfume. The notes indicate that it is a diverse blend of florals, and it is. However, it you love gentle florals as I do, it may be worth trying. Although it is discontinued, it is still available online.I only bought a 30ml bottle, but have ordered a large bottle so that I can indulge myself in the warmer weather.

    The drydown is slow, and once the fruit and florals blend into their gentle bouquet, it is a delight. I think it is the wisteria that I like so much. I don't necessarily get a lot of fruit after the top notes fade, but rather an expertly blended, light floral. It would be rather pleasing in warm to hot weather, when some of the heavier perfume notes can be rather spoiled on my skin.This clean, fresh, cologne-like light floral will definitely have its place in my perfume wearing schedule.

    Some have described it as an aquatic, though that conveys nothing to me as a term. I really wouldn't know an aquatic perfume if it came up and bit me on the behind!! lol I'm still on my learner plates here. However, I'm keen, having ordered 19 different bottles of new perfume since February, and still discovering plenty more than I deem bottleworthy.

    Today I am sampling Le De, a similarly light, almost ethereal floral, and although my tastes are growing more sophisticated, I still find the florals have their time and place, such as when wearing a sillage monster just isn't appropriate. For those times, I have Le De, Tocadilly, L'interdit, and of course, the hot weather standby which is so underrated, 4711, a little masterpiece, IMO.


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    Default Re: Tocadilly, a lovely soft floral.

    Tocadilly sounds lovely, I'll put it on my to test list. Thanks LiliB!

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    Default Re: Tocadilly, a lovely soft floral.

    I love florals and gentle florals with fruit. Tocadilly sounds lovely! Thanks so much for reviewing it. I'll keep my eyes open for that one. I agree - 4711 is great, too.

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    Default Re: Tocadilly, a lovely soft floral.

    Tried it briefly, several years ago, was not impressed.

    An aquatic Chris Sheldrake (of Serge Lutens fame) with a cucumber?

    Will have to try again. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Tocadilly, a lovely soft floral.

    I have a little vial of Tocadilly from how many years ago I do not recall, but it still smells lovely. Every once in a blue moon I find myself thinking that I should purchase a bottle. Thanks to your post, LiliB, I may just do so.

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    Default Re: Tocadilly, a lovely soft floral.

    Late to the Tocadilly party- just adding that I bought blind a few months ago and liked it. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it in hot weather.

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