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    Nagarmotha essential oil, Eden Botanicals: Dry, nutty, woody and slightly bitter-sweet. It's very light with faint smoky traces of frankincense and cedar.

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    Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) Wild Harvested: India from White Lotus: Rich, deep woodsy, green peat-mossy scent with a light camphoraceous top note, similar to, but less dense, complex or tenacious than oud. It has a vibrant low pitch and in many ways possesses the same tone as oakmoss, with many of the same grounding properties in perfumery.

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    Nagarmotha (Cypriol) Essential Oil

    Fine Perfumery Grade. Woody, deep, with smoky notes of leather. Adds a distinctive and interesting note to masculine or unisex perfumes.

    Nagarmotha, also known as Cyperus or Cypriol essential oil, is of Indian origin. It is steam distilled from the roots of Cyperus, a sedge plant (not to be confused with the Cypress tree).

    Reference perfume Timbuktu :-) and Xeryus
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