I spent at least 6-8 hrs sniffing on Saturday. For the larger part just confirming what I and others already know. Looking for inspiration in a bottle. Going through the NEW Dior Collection Ė Armani Privee ďLA CollectionĒ (ohh Arabie Rose but thatís another thread) etc..

Surprise of the day!
Then I came across a special edition (limited) 1697 (2011) by Frapin. Maitre Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour. Defintely NOW on my want list. Just a few more days to sample it first. Surprised this is not being discussed a lot on Base Notes. Its an awesome gourmet that is definitley a very well made masculine scent without it being a in your face scent like a Knize, Tiffany For Men, Caron Pour Homme etc..
It is a lot more refined going towards Thierry Muglerís Pure Malt genre style BUT richer and a lot more depth.
JohnHoward sumís it up in his review and only review on Base Notes;
Imagine taking one of Frapinís award winning XOs and evaporating all the alcohol out of it until you were left with just the concentrate. Thatís what this is.
Any one else feel the same way?
Warm and rich molasses with dried fruit, a touch of oak, and a faint floral rose. Extremely complex and quite the gourmand!

Any other Base Noter's know this scent? Comments please?