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    Question my mother's present for today!

    i need help and i need it quick

    would appreciate if y'all help me

    i need to give my mom a present today, she loves fragrances so i want to Buy her something

    right now i dont have a lot of money, so the prices it has to Be $36.00usd or lower

    But i want it to Be a good quality made fragrance for the summer/spring
    i know there has to Be something
    in the case of male's fragrances Yves Saint Laurent - Live Jazz is one of those high quality made scents
    and also really cheap

    so there is gotta Be something good for a good price in the women fragrance world

    i would appreciate your recommendations

    thanx in advance

    ps. she loves knowing By estee lauder, j'adore and addict By dior, flora By gucci and realities By liz claiBorne
    and she is 45

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    Default Re: my mother's present for today!

    Hello!Alfred Sung Perfume by Alfred Sung is good quality classic floral,as well as Jewel and Shi (great ideas for summer)
    There's always a nice idea for a perfume gift from E.Taylor's perfumes such as White Diamonds.
    Wish you and your mom the best
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    Default Re: my mother's present for today!

    Loulou by Cacharel is a wonderful scent and can usually
    be found quite cheaply. Or how about She/Lui by Armani?
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.

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    Default Re: my mother's present for today!

    My Mom likes Knowing (but I got it first) she also likes the Ellen Tracy line .Another idea is getting something from the Liz Claibourne range Liz Claibourne (triangle bottle) or Curve (blue Bottle).

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    Default Re: my mother's present for today!

    thank you for your recommendation
    i really appreciate it and i will Be checking them out

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    Default Re: my mother's present for today!

    Do you have access to Internet shopping?

    Totally agree with Ellen Tracy suggestion that came from bookwyrmsmith, and let me recommend Parfums Gres -- Cabotine (sharp and green summery floral), Cabochard (intense mossy-leathery goodness, she might like it if she had someone wearing Maja in her past) and Cabaret (light and clean rose + insence).

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    Default Re: my mother's present for today!

    thanx everyBody for your recommendation

    in the hurry, i finally got the e.taylor - white diamonds

    But i will Be checking all the ones y'all recommend me, for future Birthdays, christmast, valentine, etc.

    this time i jus could get something cheap

    But next time i won't Be so limited with the price, so if you keep giving me my opinions i will appreciate it

    By the way, the scent y'all recommend doesn't have to Be that mature
    my mom is 45 But she likes modern scents

    every good quality made fragrance will Be appreciated, even if it has a younger viBe
    i mean, not the kind of scent a teenager would use
    But mayBe a young mature scent 25+ years old person would wear


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