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    dear friends good morning
    the montale:
    Dark Oud
    moon Oud
    Wild Pears
    Pretty Fruity
    are for man ,unisex or woman ?

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    I got scent strips with a montale order, of Dark Aoud, Moon Aoud and Pretty Fruity. Pretty Fruity I'd say is definitely feminine, very nice, crisp, fresh fruitiness - I'm ordering some for my girlfriend. It's a really lovely summer scent. Moon Aoud IMO is also very feminine, a spicy aoud. The Aoud is toned down for something I can't place. I don't like this one really. Dark Aoud is unisex, but more masculine I'd say. A strong Aoud, also spicy, but a lot darker (as the name suggests). Dark Aoud is really nice, and I may be placing an order for this too...
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    I haven't heard of Wild Pears.

    I as well got scent strips of Pretty Fruity, Dark Aoud and Moon Aoud.

    I found Pretty Fruity very feminine - very sweet and fruity.
    Moon Aoud reminded me of a lightly brewed coffee, I really enjoyed this.
    Dark Aoud - as the name suggest - is dark and strong. I thought this was ok, I prefer some of the other Aouds on their line though.

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    Wild Pears which I have is unisex IMO. Haven't tried the other three yet.

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