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    Default Summer fragrance

    I’ve always had one cologne and wore it everywhere for every occasion in every season. After reading here…and listening to a sales lady today, I have found out there are summer scents…and scents for other seasons.

    What makes a scent a summer scent?
    Why would someone choose a summer scent for summer as opposed to another scent?

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    Default Re: Summer fragrance

    Well, as far as the average consumer is concerned, the generic definition of a modern summer fragrance tends to be one that is light, and aquatic. Go to a fragrance department in your average store and you'll find this to be most of what they show you all year (in my brief experience). If you're referring to the summer edition of a cologne (i.e. Armani Code Summer, CK One Summer) this is still usually the case. With few exceptions most summer editions are lighter, more aquatic versions of their original counterpart. Not all of them (aquatics or summers) are bad, but I haven't found one that really makes me stand up and pay attention yet.

    To me, a summer scent is one that is simply pleasant smelling (necesarry for all scents really) and not so heavy that the heat causes it to choke everyone around me. You'll find that pretty much everyone has a different definition of a "summer scent."

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    Default Re: Summer fragrance

    Welcome to the basenotes
    You more like to swim in the summer or to eat ice cream! and in the winter you would like to drink tea or coffee instead.
    If a fragrance smells light and cool, it's a summer scent. Personaly in the summer i'm not relax with some strong, warm, and too spicy scents. But it's about your feeling. If you don't have any problem for wearing every scents, wear whatever you like.
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    Default Re: Summer fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by DeepSilence View Post
    If a fragrance smells light and cool, it's a summer scent.

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