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    Default Poor longevity of cologne due to dry skin??

    As a relative neophite to the world of cologne I went into a local Perfume House to investigate a number of scents I have researched through Basenotes. I have tried some from l'Artisan and had poor results in the area of logevity (especially with L'eau du Navigar which evaporated with in an hour or two), and expressed my concern to the somewhat haughty counter woman. She expressed shock and insisted that my skin must have been dry and absorbed it (or as she so eloquently put it, my skin "ate it up") rather than allowing it to sit on the skin's surface. I have never heard of such a thing, and am curious if I am so new that this thought never crossed my mind before , or if she was pulling answers out of her bag that would put the short lifespan of the cologne on something other than the high quality product she is trying to sell? It by no means is a negative comment on l'Artisan products, as I have a couple of their scents that are amazing and last all day. I imagine that is why I was even more astounded by the rapid dissipation of Navegar, and blown away by my ravenous skin as the cause

    Would someone have an answer to this rather perplexing issue? Other than I should moisturize more often....

    Thank you!

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