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    Default Fake Coco Chanel EDP from ebay.

    Hi BNers, I'm new here and not sure if I'm posting this in the right section. I've been lurking here for a while now and have gained a lot of useful information about fragrances even though I'm not new to this and have been using different fragrances for a long time.

    I recently bought Coco Chanel EDP from ebay and ended up receiving a fake one from aivars1951. I took all the necessary precautions but I guess I should've done more. This case is still open and the seller seems to have gone into hibernation.

    Now I decided to give ebay another chance and started searching for an authentic Coco. I came across another seller (highend-beauty) who only had one picture of the EDP in the ad and I decided to contact him to request for a pic of the base of the bottle and this is how the conversation went:-

    ME: Would it be possible for you to take a picture of the base of the bottle with the writing visible and email it to me?

    highend-beauty: look at my feedback ! look at my feedback for chanel perfume - obviously I don't sell fake anything !

    ME: No, it is NOT obvious you don't sell fake "anything". I've seen more professional sellers, with better feedback than yours, sell fake perfumes. The fact that you can't do a simple task of establishing the authenticity of your product is enough to keep buyers away.

    highend-beauty: you're wrong - completely wrong - totally wrong and stupid - i don't need to establish and authenticity of my product - i conduct myself with ABSOLUTE integrity in all things - it is unquestioned honesty in every thing - better feedback than 100% - really ??? I have 9 ebay ID's all with 100% - better than that ? - you sound like a very foolish person - good luck with that

    ME: Listen you imbecile, not only are you a moron but also highly unprofessional. You only have 343 feedback, I was talking about sellers with greater than 1000 feedback and 100%. You are right it's not your responsibility to establish your products' authenticity, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure they don't get raped by unscrupulous sellers like you. There is no such thing as "unquestioned honesty" in business you naive idiot. 9 ebay ID's really? sounds like you change ID's when you get negative feedback to maintain that 100% score. It is uncouth sellers like you who bring a bad name to ebay and ruin it for everyone. Now go back to screwing your unsuspecting customers.

    highend-beauty: you are such a profound fool - all my ID's are active - none of them are old ones I abandoned - they are all open and active and wonderfully productive
    silly foolish people like you only think there is nothing such as unquestioned honesty - actually indeed there is
    uncouth - don't be so repeatedly stupid - i have never ever never ever ever screwed anyone - - -
    naive idiot - i am sure i can write a check out of my one month ebay earnings and cover your household income for years - you my friend are the idiot.

    Now, I don't understand what's happening with these ebay sellers. Have they completely lost it? I don't normally buy perfumes on ebay but thought I'd save a bit, guess with these kinds of sellers I'd be better off spending the extra $30-$40 and buy from some one who treats their customers with some respect.
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    Default Re: Fake Coco Chanel EDP from ebay.

    Chanel is one of the most faked perfumes on ebay, most will tell you to stay away.
    Sellers will not take extra photos upon request. Some do show photos of the bottom of the bottle. But even showing the bottom will not guarantee you will not get a fake. There is a number engraved on Chanel bottles not on the base but at the bottom front or back(sorry but cannot rememberto which. Not sure if it is on vintage bottles). Its very faint and doubt a photo would even show it up.
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    Default Re: Fake Coco Chanel EDP from ebay.

    This is a lesson Ive learned along with so many others here on basenotes. Ebay is sketchy especially with you high-end fragrances. Ive been sold a fake Polo Double Black, Lacoste Style in Play and Le Male. Le Male and any Chanel is quite possibly the most faked brands out there so I have a rule when sticking to higher end purchases on ebay.
    1.) If it is higher end fragrance, stick to purchasing 1.7 oz bottles (these aren't really faked that much since the idea is to profit from a large bottle at an amazing price right)
    2.) Check all feedback and make sure none if it claims "fake" or something along those lines, contact members who purchased item(s) from seller and left both positive and negative feedback for the particular seller you're looking to deal with.
    3) contact the seller (as you did) and ask them to provide you with proof of authenticity. I noticed some sellers will state "guaranteed authentic" along with a money back guarantee and usually give you great item details along with detailed pics. They'll go out of their way to assure you their product(s) is/are genuine. Obviously a seller who beats around the bush, answers questions indirectly, and answers questions with BS and tries to BS you has something to hide.
    4) Stick to testers. Why? Half the price and never going to be faked. WHy? Who wants to buy testers? Some have no caps, no box, plain white box etc... and no truth is, lots of people do not want to buy testers for that reason so what motive would they have to sell a fake when the idea is to make profit.
    5.) Never purchase any Chanels, JPG, or any best sellers. Granted there are amazing sellers on ebay who are honest and genuine, but, I'd rather purchase it retail and have piece of mind. There are some amazing fakes out there BEWARE

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    Default Re: Fake Coco Chanel EDP from ebay.

    i know what your going through. I ordered my old favorite gieffeffe from amazon and it was stale i mean all alcohol and they have a no return or exchange policy on fragrance. I went ahead and emailed them and they did give me credit but told me they stood by there fragrances and had the nerve to send me fragrances offers via e- mail. I never usually order from discounters or ebay and such but this fragrance is a discontinued scent so i gave it a shot. I forgot about this fragrance and went ahead and bought laura mercier l huere magique and chanel chance edp. i dont trust discounters because they recieve fragrances from old warehouses. even if the scent is 50 %off or more your not the full scent . i would prefer to buy a lotion if i needed to save some cost atlest it will be fresh . i wish you the best. also, you tube has great videos on how to tell a fake. everthing from the box to serial numbers . you may want to check them out.
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    Default Re: Fake Coco Chanel EDP from ebay.

    There is always that risk when purchasing fragrance from Ebay. Sorry for your bad experience with that seller.

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    Default Re: Fake Coco Chanel EDP from ebay.

    Ebay is bad about this. Some companies actually have individuals working for them that their job is just to sit and monitor Ebay for fake product. I know of Oakley, Louis Vutton , Prada and some others that have a person thats paid just to monitor for fake products online. I say get your money back then let Chanel or whomever know that they are selling fake products. Half the time the seller thinks thy are real and dont know any better.

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