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    Default Baghari drydown question

    If there's anyone out there who is intimately familiar with Piguet's Baghari, can you tell me what the dominant drydown note is. I found a rather unpleasant note which stood out, despite still being accompanied by an orange blossom fragrance. I'm wondering if it is vetiver, which I cannot identify as a single element yet.

    I am not sure if this element can also be found in Madame Rochas, because a note appears half way through the drydown that I cannot identify, but don't find particularly pleasant.

    I love Baghari's top and middle notes, being a bit of a sucker for orange blossom, however, I will be transferrring my affections to Visa, which to me has a much nicer rounded drydown. It's absolute heaven the next day, after I have sprayed it on before bed. Very warm and very pleasant.

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    Default Re: Baghari drydown question

    I can sympathize with this - there is indeed something vaguely unpleasant in Baghari's drydown, and to me it has a green miasmic note, which could well be vetiver. But not a sharp, clear vetiver as in Aromatics Elixir, more of a herb grown in a swamp (I haven't the least idea where and how vetiver grows or what it is). Something muddy and unclear. Love the initial aldehydic burst and the middle floral notes, but I wish they'd do something about that off note in the drydown.
    Could it perhaps be something "animalic" that's out of pitch here?

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    Default Re: Baghari drydown question

    Thanks so much for your reply Red Rose. I thought maybe because I'm so inexperienced that there may be something wrong with my sense of smell. I've heard such a diverse range of smells described in glowing terms on the forum, that I'd thought perhaps I was missing something with Baghari.

    I've definitely transferred my Piguet affections to Visa, which is a perfume of similar character, with a better dry down, but obviously not the same particular notes.


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    Smile Re: Baghari drydown question

    I will now try Visa myself! Thank you for the suggestion. I love this forum, where we can all help each other - seems to me that's a great use of the internet!
    Best wishes!

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    Default Re: Baghari drydown question

    I, too, have noticed the strange drydown note to which you both refer, a sort of languorous green damp.

    Until now, I had dismissed it as a raw aspect of vetiver or possibly the treemoss part of the chypre structure on which Baghari is based.

    I have to say that I actually do not find it unpleasant, though; after the intense orange peel + fruity aldehyde effect settles down, I find this more prosaic late development reassuring somehow.

    Visa is definitely worth checking out. By rights, it should be trashy--sweet, syrupy peach over light spices and suede--but somehow manages to stay coherent and fun throughout. I am a huge fan of this.

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