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    Default Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    So the weather has been nicer this week, finally getting some sun after a very rainy spring. I usually struggle with fragrances for warmer weather, tending to enjoy spicy rich oriental stuff rather than lighter summer fragrances. So, I started digging around in my fragrances and pulled out some gems from years past to wear again this week. I've been in a bit of a rut with warm weather fragrances, wearing mostly Erolfa, Aventus, Gendarm, and CdG's Vetiveru, along with all the samples that I want to try. So this week I made an effort to revisit some bottles that I used to wear a lot, but had sort of put to the back of the cabinet, just to see if my perceptions had changed.

    Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme - Most people have tried this one, and I wore it a lot when I first got into fragrances. For me it was a perfect work fragrance. Understated, pleasant, and easy to wear. Wearing it again this week I have been surprised at how well it holds up. I think the grapefruit top notes have gone a bit, simply because the juice is near 6-7 years old, but the rest of it is about how I remember it. Just a really simple and beautiful fragrance. Like my own skin, only better. Just to be complete, I dragged out the body wash that I got with the bottle and had never really tried. I'm not really into body washes, but this stuff is great and really goes well with the EDT.

    Eau de The Vert - Roger and Gallet - I doubt many have tried this one. It's one of the many green tea frags that got pushed onto shelves after the success of Bulgari's Green Tea. While I like JCE's take, and it's probably a better fragrance technically, I have always preferred this one. Wearing it this week I really enjoyed it again. Its almost too simple; a very grounded almost earthy green tea note, and a shot of lemon. Certainly not as transparent or sparkling as the Bulgari, but more masculine and for me more satisfying.

    Le Nuits d'Hadrien - Annick Goutal - I had not worn this one in quite a while and I was surprised at how strong the anise/fennel note was. Maybe it's lost some of the lemon/Cyprus top notes along the way somewhere, or maybe I've just come to read that note more clearly. I still like it a lot more than the original, but that fennel was a bit distracting. Better lasting power than I remember also.

    Vetyver - L'Occitane - Just as spicy and thick as I remembered, to the point of discomfort . Yikes. Where is the vetiver here? Cloves, ginger and spices are just way too sharp for me. Maybe I will put this away and dig it out again in the winter. Reminds me of a rougher version of Gucci Envy without that smooth Envy vanilla note. I should dig that one out as well - I have a mini of it and haven't worn it in maybe a year...

    I'll dig out some more for next week, maybe a few decants or sample that I have not worn in ages.
    I would love to hear about others experiences with this sort of thing. It's kind of weird revisiting these "old friends." My associations with fragrances are so strong that wearing these again brought back a lot of weird "time and place" associations. It made for a sort of nostalgia filled week.

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    I've done the same thing for the last week. I had forgotten just how good Harrods Salalah Green is.
    God I love this stuff.

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    Thanks for the read. I haven't bought a lot of stuff in the past year, but I always find new surprises in my old stuff. I agree about the Bulgari PH Extreme-- great scent.

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    I sample wore MCM Success today from my reference atomizers and ended up buying another 100ml.

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    I just did the same with Czech & Speake No.88. It's one which is difficult to find an occasion to wear, so this ends up being something I normally wear for myself at home. I haven't worn it in 8 months, I forgot how rich and aromatic it is.

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    Thanks for sharing Slim.
    I own Les Nuits d'Hadrien and it also found its way to the back of my shelf. You've inspired me to look at it again this Spring and I'll pay particular attention to that anise note.
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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    The ones you mentioned below are good ones IMO. Always nice to visit scents from one's past.

    Le Nuits d'Hadrien - Annick Goutal
    Vetyver - L'Occitane

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    I miss bulgari pour homme extreme. it was one of the scents i wore when i started to get into fragrance too. I must try that AG

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    Default Re: Visiting lost bottles in my own collection

    Excellent write-up, Slim.

    I know it wasn't what you were hoping for when you wore it again, but your description of L'Occitane Vetyver has actually piqued my interest in it. Gone straight to my list of stuff to sample now.

    Myself, I hardly ever wear Concentre d'Orange Verte, even in the warmer months, because it never seems like the right choice. I just always end up reaching for something else. Recently, I have recast this in a new role, as something for weekend mornings post-workout.

    Rochas Lui a fragrance I love but rarely break out. It is warm, rich, and refined. It is also a cedar foghorn. I wore it yesterday for the first time in months, even if it was only to bed. This turned out to be a stroke of genius, because it allowed me to enjoy the spicy citrus-juniper berry opening without being overwhelmed by the boulder of a woody-amber that follows. I fell asleep before the drums started beating and woke up to a milder, altogether more bearable version of the sweet vanillic drydown. Win!

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