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    Default Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    I have worn this wonderful fragrance on and off since it was first introduced. I got a sample of it about a year ago with an order, and the sample smells very weak compared to my bottle. I can attribute some of that due to the difference in age, but still the sample does not last on my skin nearly as long as the original bottle (which always lasted all day on me). Has anyone noticed a reformulation?

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    Default Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    Considering the current sale, I'm curious about this one too. I have a bottle of the round cap, and now a new bottle of the square cap and am not sure if I smell any difference. The older one seemed to have a little more richness in the opening but I can't seem to detect anything majorly different...

    anyone smelled both and notice anything different?
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    Default Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    I had decants of Tea for Two about three years ago and last August I bought a bottle during the L'Artisan sale. I don't detect any difference. It is still as heavy and full-bodied as it was earlier.

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    Default Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation? the mean time it is discontinued...!
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    Default Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    Discontinued? Oh NO! What a shame!! I hope L'Artisan will reconsider! Or perhaps at least leave it as a limited availability fragrance.

    Does anyone have favorites that are of a similar effect to Tea for Two. I've been wanting to try 5 O'Clock au Gingembre for a long time now. I have a thing for cozy comfort scents!

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    Default Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    Is it discontinued?
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    Default Re: Tea for Two - Reformulation?

    Quote Originally Posted by scentsitivity View Post
    Is it discontinued?!/page2
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