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    Default Adding Hyperlinks - a few tips.

    At the top of the "reply" box are some tools. The one just to the right of the emoticon icons is the one you'd use to make a link. Highlight whatever word it is you want to hyperlink to, click that button, and then insert the link -- which in the case would be the post #. To get the post number, click on the number and you'll get a dedicated URL that you would enter. For example: A hyperlink to your Sahara Noir post might look like this.

    To be honest, this is a massive amount of work and member x may be better served to just use the search function that the thread has built in -- which is what it's there for.
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    Default Re: Adding Hyperlinks - a few tips.

    To link to a location in a document or Web page that you created in Word, you must mark the hyperlink location or destination and then add the link to it

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