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    Default ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Whats you go to scent for nice restaurant night out in the summer?
    Not necessarily formal but nice. Most my stuff is heavier leather/oud/spice notes. little to heavy for summer. Tend to wear more citrus stuff during day.
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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    I have recently been very impressed with Eau d' Italie's new fragrance, "Jardin du Poète". It is a very good summer choice: very natural and realistic bitter orange supported by basil and pink pepper, with a base of vetiver and musk.
    People aren't talking much about it here on BN, I believe because many haven't yet tried it, but it has been receiving rave reviews on blogs, such as on peredepierre and perfumesmellingtings.
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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Drakkar Noir, Opium Pour Homme
    And a heavy(formal)/citrus fragrance: Boucheron Pour Homme

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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out


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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    there are tons.

    gucci ph II
    dior homme cologne
    terre d'hermes
    green irish tweed
    encre noire
    lancome hypnose homme
    prada amber pour homme

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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Light tea and/or light green scents:

    bulgari - eau parfumee au the vert
    annick goutal duel
    l'occitane vetyver
    jacques fath - green water
    roger & gallet - eau de the vert
    dune (easy trigger)
    herbissmo juniper
    herbissmo marjoram
    creed's OV
    creed's VIW
    and, of course, you cannot go wrong with a little hit of original tabac edc - of course!
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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Parfumerie Generale Harmatan Noir
    Voyage d`Hermès.

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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Rose 31
    Rose 31
    Rose 31

    or you could always just go with Rose 31

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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Hanae Mori HM would be nice. It starts with a sweet lemon pastry type scent and then morphs into a wonderful lemon/vanilla/chocolate powdery drydown. Very unique, semi-gourmand that can work in warm or cool weather, and makes a great night out scent.

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    Default Re: ideas for summer dinners/nights out

    Last summer to me was all about: (I live in Brasil so now it´s winter)

    Eau d´Hermes
    Hermes Un Jardim apres le Monsoun
    Dyptique Phylosikos
    Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur
    Heeley Sel Marin
    TDC Bergamote
    MFK Absolue pour le matin

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