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    Hello, I recently ordered some samples from LuckyScent and they did not arrive in 4 weeks. I messaged them and they said they will re mail the samples and if I have not yet received them in 2 weeks, to contact them again.

    I want to mention that the customer service they have is top-notch but I was just wondering, how long did your samples take to arrive?


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    I ordered samples from LuckyScent last Friday and they arrived on Monday. I agree that their customer service is excellent. I have ordered two full bottles and many samples from them and never had any trouble. Always fast shipping and great communication. Are you in the US or Canada? Maybe customs is holding things up if you are not in the US? I hope everything works out for you!

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    I have ordered a few times only 1 week to australia
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    Hi TorontoCode,

    I have ordered from Luckyscent several times and have never had a problem receiving my goods with the order taking anywhere from 6 to 8 business days. It definitely sounds as if there is a problem with your order, though. You could contact Luckyscent again and go to your local post office and see if there is any reason for the holdup.
    I feel your pain because there are other suppliers that seem to take FOREVER to ship orders, and I hate waiting!
    Good luck,

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    I am in Canada, if they ship using US Airmail, it should transfer at the border and be shipped using Canada Post? Thank-you for all the responses so far.

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