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    Default Al Mahfuz: My first Attar

    Hi all,

    I just received my first Middle Eastern perfume from Al Haramain and can honestly say that I am thrilled with my purchase!
    The closest thing I've experienced to an Arabian fragrance, was a few offerings from Madini and a few samples from Montale. I can say that Madini can't hold a candle to a true Attar. The scent I've purchased, is Attar al Mahfuz. When I opened the bottle, at first, I was a little disappointed. All the notes seemed to be tightly packed into an indiscernible little bundle, but knowing not to judge a scent til it's on the skin, I took a swipe on my arm and observed. In the beginning, it doesn't seem to have much going on, but once it warmed, this stuff blooms with all sorts of things. I get a little rose, some oud, saffron and lots of animalic musk (sort of reminds me of Kama X-treme from Ave Luxe, but without the synthetic quality) . It gets muskier as it dries down. Right now, I'm 4 hours into it and it's still going, although much smoother, woodier and darker.

    The bottle sits in a green box with white satin lining and the upper half of the box opens outwards on both sides. The two "doors" are spring loaded like the lid on a ring box or jewelry case. The bottle itself looks like jewelry is quite heavy. The glass vessel is encased in metal, and it seems that even a fall from the top of Mt. Everest wouldn't break this sucker! P5260080.jpgP5260083.jpgP5260082.jpgP5260078.jpgP5260085.jpgP5260079.jpg

    Along with the perfume, the seller scent me a sample of something else. An un-labeled little bottle of another attar that smells of roses and saffron; quite good and sweet! I also received a color fold out of other Al Haramain fragrances.
    Here are some photos I took:

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    Default Re: Al Mahfuz: My first Attar

    Stev, thanks for the information!

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