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    Default Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?


    so Lanvin's Arpege, considered unisex by some, incl Luca Turin's book and some Basenoters, there also seem to be quite a few who consider it too feminine for men.

    I'm aware that perfumes don't have a gender and everybody should wear what they like, but I still couldn't escape the feeling that e.g. Tommy Girl or Rossellini's Manifesto, both considered unisex by some, felt too feminine for me (well, and admittedly I wasn't too keen on them, which didn't help as well)

    What is your opinion?

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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    I think you are referring to the current, which I can't comment on. The vintage Arpege Extrait is not - it is plush, femme with the animalic and perfectly 'unisex' Lanvin base of their 1920/30s classics. However, I wear it a few times a year with great enjoyment. It is one of the greatest in perfumery IMHO.

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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    My opinion is that Arpege, as well as all other fragrances, are unisex.

    I choose fragrances based on whether I like the smell or not - period. If others are not "comfortable" wearing certain fragrances, well then that is their decision to make.
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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    The latest Arpege is neither a sweet gourmand nor a chemical woody amber (the two genres that appear to comprise most of the new releases for men). But it's not particularly floral either, if that's what you're worried about, and is nothing like the two examples you're mentioning (or, if you will, another fem for boys suggested by Turin, Anais Anais, which I love btw). It's rich and rather plush, and I find it perfect for men too.


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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    I read recently in a blog that arpege is "just one step away from aramis." Maybe so. If you like it, then wear it for sure. It is one of my absolute favorites (I have only a few five star perfumes in my wardrobe and I tend towards more masculine scents.) I think there was a time when these kind of scents were considered more feminine, but from everything I am seeing, that is old thinking. There is really nothing inherently feminine about it.

    Enjoy your arpege :-)
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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    I don't feel very confortable in wearing Arpege (expecially the reformulated version) just because I'm not a big fan. Said that I think any perfume is suitable to anybody with a very few exceptions.

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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    It's nice. On first sniff I can't see a problem wearing this as a male of the species.

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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    I think the vintage might actually more tricky for today's young women than the men! But certainly, if you love a fragrance and it works with your skin chemistry, then spritz away. I haven't yet smelled Arpege on a man, but I would love to...
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    Default Re: Lanvin Arpege, is it unisex iyo?

    The first time I sniffed Givenchy Pi, it reminded me a lot of Arpege. If a guy is comfortable wearing Pi, he'd be comfortable wearing Arpege.
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