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    Red face Caldey Island Lavender

    Well I've given my sample of Caldey Island Lavender some wearings over the past few days after neglecting it for quite some time. I am looking for a natural, beautiful, and simple lavender and I think that Caldey fits the bill quite nicely. The opening emphasizes the more floral side of the purple herb rather than the medicinal side and is likely composed of natural lavender absolute along with other oils. I feel the quality of the lavender oil is similar to that of Creed's Royal Scottish Lavender (minus the vanilla, spices, ambergris, and woods of course). Caldey's heart is somewhat grassy to me perhaps from hay absolute and/or clary sage. The only part I feel could be better done is the base--a light but synthetic smelling musk--not bad and certainly much better than what's done in designer perfumery. I wish Caldey could use perhaps an all natural ambrette seed musk. I am considering buying a full bottle in the near future. Please share whatever thoughts you have regarding Caldey.

    To my mind Caldey is probably the best simple lavender--better than say Caron PUH, Yardley, Czech & Speake, and Atkinsons (though it's nice too) and vies only with best complex lavenders such as Arome 3 and Patou Prive.

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    D'Orsay's Arome 3 is much better IMO.

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    Caldey Island Lavender is nice soliflore Lavender and very nice for low price , worth it .
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    I agree with what you say Caldey Island is a wonderful Lavender and I like the way the focus is on the Lavender flower as opposed to the harsh stringent bracing aspect of it that is part of a lot of lavenders. I use it to help me sleep sometimes at night as I find it calming.

    Though I do think for me Czech & Speakes Oxford & Cambridge is another great lavender that is on par with Calder for its wonderful Peppermint and Oakmoss base. There is just something special about that one that I find enchanting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bokaba View Post
    To my mind Caldey is probably the best simple lavender
    Yes, it is.
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    A very good value for an excellent fragrance.

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    Given the price, I will probably spring for a bottle soon. It keeps getting more expensive as the US dollar inflates against other international currencies. I view Caldey as old fashioned, perhaps Victorian, lavender tonic.

    I agree that the lavender-mint accord in Oxford & Cambridge is quite special, but the oakmoss base is too strong for me.

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    Here's Turin's article about the fragrance:

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    Any other thoughts?

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