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Thread: Amouage Dia Man

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    Default Amouage Dia Man

    Hi Folks!

    I recently purchased a sample haul for Les Senteurs in London - amongst others Dia Man.
    How would you rate the longevity and projection on this one?
    I love the scent itself, but it sort of fades away very quickly. I mean I can smell it only for 3-4 hours tops. Is that my nose behaving funny or... anyone has any ideas? Maybe my sample is crap.


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    It`s my no.1 favourite from Amouage. Very elegant and classy stuff. The longevity is quite good on my skin, but it stays close to the skin. On the other hand, if It was stronger and louder, It wouldn`t be that refind and elegant. I use 8 sprays (6 on my chest and 2 on my neck), and I also use the soap-bar (high quality stuff). The soap helps improve the longevity of the scent.

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    In my experience, and some others here as well, it's a sneaky one. It seems to come and go a lot. i.e. It will seem gone in four hours, then roar back at 6 hours.

    I really like it, but have mixed feelings about due to odd longevity.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with your sample.

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    Yes, it is a killer for olfactory fatigue this one. I have noticed this because I have been convinced it is completely gone and then come back into a room which I had left for a few minutes to smell it lingering strongly.
    A truely brillliant fragrance in my opinion.
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    wow@8 sprays of any Amouage frag.....thats insane! With Dia, I use 4 sprays. It really is a wonderful scent, but I would recommend using it only a couple times a week, tops. Dia can be a sensory overload

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    Default Re: Amouage Dia Man


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    I don't own it, but have only tried samples, and yes, it's not that strong on me either. But perhaps it's simply that compared to other Amouage powerhouses such as my favorite Gold, anything would pale. When I tried Gold on one had and Dia on the other at the store, I could not smell Dia anymore.


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    yea Gold will overpower just about any frag. Its serious juice

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    I'm with hirch; Dia is very good but the olfactory fatigue factor is surprisingly high.

    There is a powerful woody-amber in the drydown that gave me a headache late-on during both of my sample wearings. The effect feels a lot like Iso E Super, but there is some smoky vetiver and dry wood action going on that might also be responsible.

    I advise spraying/dabbing less and/or farther away from the nose, to see if you perceive the longevity any differently. Or maybe Iso E is just a weird material for you; do you have similar problems with Terre d'Hermes?

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    It smells fantastic but projection is really bad. Not worth the money for me.

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    Default Re: Amouage Dia Man

    I spray Dia liberally and smell it all day (9+ hours) without olfactory fatigue. While very rich, it is not the strong scent many expect the Amouage to be.
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    The beautiful understatement of DIA is one of the things I love most about it.

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    Olfactory fatigue sets in reallllly fast for this. I would prefer it to be slightly stronger though, although part of the allure of Dia is its flighty and flirty nature - it disappears when you want to try to get a whiff of it and it tickles ur nose when you aren't trying.

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    This one never impressed me. It's kinda smooth, kinda classy, kinda bland. Try New York by Nicolai before you go for a full bottle of Dia.

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    Dia is a wonderful scent that somehow took a detour on the road to Divinity. What a shame as the beginning of it's story is both opulent and cooly compelling one . Only to be followed in the mid drydown by a distinctly powdery effect that reminds one of maybe Chanel No. 5 , although overall with a hint more maleness to it. All things considered this is a very elegant refined scent that imbues the wearer with a sense of quiet confidence. I would find it hard to feel uncomfortable or self conscious in a while wearing Dia. But if only they had turned down the powder presence a notch, then Dia would be safely in my top 5 or so . Who knows maybe it will ascend the rankings with time. For now I will kindly label it the talc powder of the Gods.

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