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    Default Complimentary fragrances for black currant bud absolute

    Hi all! I'm a bit new here and wanted to pose a question to all the DIY perfumers. I've been experimenting with black currant bud absolute and I can't figure whether I love it or hate it. Sometimes it smells tangy and fruity, other times it just sort of smells like cat pee. Has anyone had any luck combining it with other essential oils that are either complimentary or provide an interesting contrast? Either way, I think my next step will be to use it in a very very minuscule amount because it's so sharp!

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    Default Re: Complimentary fragrances for black currant bud absolute

    hi, ysabel!
    it should be a lot of interesting combination with blackcurrant bud.
    I like blackcurrant with bright floral, citrus and mint. wintergreen(a bit)+tuberose+blackcurrant, peppermint(a bit)+jasmin grandiflorum+blackcurrant, grapefruit+jasmin grandiflorum+blackcurrant and so.
    "cat pee" ...yep, it like cat pee sometimes. May be "cat pee" equal "animalistic note"

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