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    Default Article: Tribute & Transformation

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    Great article! A friend of mine here in Columbus, OH had a party for Dress For Success; we were to all bring clothing and perfumes to swap or donate. Thanks for bringing such a great cause to our attention!

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    Great article Michelle; keep up the good work...:smiley:
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    Great article, Michelle!
    I run a small Career Closet at my job and never thought to add office friendly scents to the list of donations sought! I'll be rectifying that ASAP.

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    A great article- many thanks ! :)
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    Bravo! Great article, and a great organization! :smiley:

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    Great article and an inspiring read. Thank you! :smiley:

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    Thanks for all the wonderful and thoughtful comments...I will be back at my blog after a brief hiatus in a few weeks so do stop by and thanks again for all the wonderful comments!

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    Feeling confident is so important. Expressing yourself with your wardrobe is vital for me. For a long time l looked for a true an genuine image of myself. I even wrote a book about it. Wearing the right perfume is part of the job. Like Michelle I find that Guerlain parfumes are great for getting the strength. Another brand I rely on for self confidence is L'Artisan Parfumeur. But perhaps for a job interview Guerlain is a safer choice. And I want to thank Dressforsucces for its precious work. I'd like to have such a group in Italy.
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