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    Default Brooks Brothers: Classic vs. New York Gentlemen

    Over Memorial Day weekend a Brooks Brothers factory store near me was having a 40% off sale. Everything in the store. I quickly procured a bottle of New York Gentlemen and the Brooks Brothers Classic cologne.

    I love sophisticated and classy smelling fragrances. Does anyone else here own the aforementioned or have given either a wearing?

    Does anyone think these scents are too "mature" smelling for a 23 year old guy? I always worry that buying frags from brands like these might evoke feelings of geriatrics in my younger peers. Personally, I'm not getting that vibe from either of these...

    Edit: Of the two, which is your favorite?
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    Default Re: Brooks Brothers: Classic vs. New York Gentlemen

    I have Brooks Brothers for Men, I guess that is the one you mentioned as "classic".

    It is a typical bergamot - prominent top note scent. Just to give you an idea, Ralph Lauren's Safari, Chanel's Allure, Platinum Egöiste and Pour Homme Concentrée, Lauder's Intuition, Calvin Klein's Eternity, O de Lancome pour Homme, Molyneux's Quartz for Men, Davidoff's Champion, Mont Blanc's Legacy and even inexpensive drugstore scents sold locally share this attribute, so you don't get much originality from it.

    I personally don't agree as to fragrances and demographics - well, that is me, having worn Roger & Gallet's Souvenir Royale from the 1940's in my twenties while attending college. I just do not care at all about what other people think abut my tastes in terms of fragrances, but I have to make clear that I do not apply much, I don't like being complimented at the scents I wear.

    In your case, ask yourself if you like it, that is what matters. Besides the fact it does project but not in the fashion of sillage monsters, so your peers might not get it, and if asked, you can say your are wearing whatever might fancy their point of view.

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    Default Re: Brooks Brothers: Classic vs. New York Gentlemen

    Tried them once when I was in a store close to where I live. Personally wasn't impressed with either.

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