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    Default Classification

    Hello, glad to be a member here.....
    Before I joined I happened to see a thread with a lonnnggg list of colognes, classified into categories such as: summer, winter, day, night, etc....
    Was looking for that or something similar, with multiple brands summed up in about one word a piece. When I go to, people write comments saying a scent is woodsy/earthy/leather but someone else will say its aquatic/citrusy. Makes nooo sense at all.
    Anyway, I have searched high & low for this fabled "chart" if you will - so could one of you be so kind as to sum up a couple mainstream colognes, I like hearing it from others for their application as I like & have multiple scents.
    A few:
    Gucci by Gucci
    Gucci Guilty
    Versace Man
    Lacoste Essential
    Diesel only the Brave
    Bvlgari Aqua Marine
    Bvlgari Aqua Black
    D&G the One Gentleman
    YSL Night
    Bleu by Chanel
    Polo Blue
    Polo Black
    John Varvatos Original

    Thanks in advance - kind regards!!

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    Default Re: Classification

    Well, since I think classification is useful, I'll bite for at least some of them that I know...

    Versace Man is kind of a sweet, floral wood. Odd.

    Bulgari Aqua Marine is of course an aquatic, about medium in terms of sweet vs dry.

    Bulgari Black is a bit desserty...vanilla, woods and rubber.

    YSL Night is also desserty, a very deep, thick sweet woods with spices.

    John Varvatos is a spicy, sweet leathery woods with vanilla.

    Enjoy the end I just put together my own list of categories of all the ones I have.

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