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    Default Help on aroma chemicals for cosmetics


    Well, I have a soap and cosmetic SME factory in Thailand. We are using ready made fragrances like: jasmine, red rose, ... from some French company, bought in Thailand with a supplier. Now, we have some problems regarding the scent of all the fragrances (almost). The smell is weaker and weaker, prices increase and we have to use more and more in our batches. So, I'm looking to buy raw aroma chemicals but the list is very long and it's pretty complicated to request the right materials as we don't know prices and aroma of each one.

    I take an exemple: I was thinking to buy Rose crystal (rose acetate) to use for rose base and floral base but on Aromax-on-line, it says: This one has a weak rosy odour with green nuances.. On The Good Scent Company: heavy deep rose floral powdery. Then I'm loose: is it the right material or not? is it possible to use it to replace PEA?

    Ok, now I explain what I'm looking to get:

    1: a base of raw material to build fragrances for soap (rose, jasmine, orchid, muguet, lavender, coconut, bergamot, ...).
    2: raw material with heavy fragrances as our customer in Asia are looking for heavy scented soap, not delicate scent.
    3: affordable prices for use in soap (soap is a cheap product).

    This is the list I was thinking and if you can tell me what is right, what is missing and what is wrong for the use we want to do, it will be very nice:

    - a base of floral raw material:
    ROSE ACETATE (rose crystal), ALPHA-HEXYL CINNAMIC ALDEHYDE, BENZYL ACETATE, LINALOOL, LYRAL. In this list, I don't have anything to get note like Ylang Ylang, Orchid, Tropical Flower, ... What do you suggest?

    - green note: to give some freshness and natural note in fragrances. CIS-3-HEXENOL (leaf alcohol), DIPHENYL OXIDE, METHYL PHENYL ETHYL ETHER.

    - herbal note: to get herbal lavender, bergamot. LINALYL ACETATE.


    - ylang and other strong scented flower: METHYL BENZOATE, PARA-CRESOL.

    - spicy note: use of EO, cassia oil & clove leaf oil.

    - 2 woody note: sandalwood & cedarwood. I don't know wich raw material. I get a price for a sandal but it's expensive (I don't know wich one). For cedarwood, I was thinking to use Essential Oil or ACETYL CEDRENE. Wich one is better?

    - some fruity note: I was thinking to get Aldehyde C14, C16 and C18

    - balsamic note: CINNAMYL ALCOHOL

    - musk: we have already Tonalid crystal.

    Now, I have read that Aldehyde C11 and C12 are very good to bring freshness in fragrance and increase the scent. It have: ALDEHYDE C-11 INTRELEVEN, ALDEHYDE Iso C 11, ALDEHYDE C-11 UNDECYLENIC, ALDEHYDE C-12 LAURIC, ALDEHYDE C-12MNA. What do you think I have to get? 1 C11 and 1 C12?

    I will need also something ozonic and also something to make green tea. The fragrance we use for green tea is very weak and i don't know if it have something in aroma chemical with stronger tea note.

    You understand that we are not willing to produce perfume but just functional fragrances, something little similar with the natural material (plant, fruit, ...) but not that much. I have read some Jasmine blend with just 5 or 6 material and it's enough for us.

    I have also a question on aldehyde C18 and C14. Are they very strong? when we produce soap, we have to use a large quantity to get a nice smell so I believe the products called "coconut fragrance and peach fragrance" are very diluted.

    I put the link where we will order our material, so you can see what they have (they don't have Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, for exemple):

    Ok, I hope you can help me with that. I'm on my pc for more than a week to get info but it's complicated to get the good choice.

    Have a good day

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    Default Re: Help on aroma chemicals for cosmetics

    I forget: we have D-Limonene, amyl acetate, and some EO we will use: peppermint, eucalyptus globulus, clove oil, cassia oil, benzoin tincture, lemongrass, pine.

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    Default Re: Help on aroma chemicals for cosmetics

    Ok, here is the list I'm going to order;

    • PEA
      Linalyl Acetate
      Cis 3 Hexenol
      Aldehyde C10, C11 und., C12MNA, C18
      Diphenyl Oxide
      Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde
      Amyl Salicylate
      Methyl Phenyl Acetate

    What do you think and suggest?
    Thank you for help

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    Default Re: Help on aroma chemicals for cosmetics

    frederic 28 welcome to basenotes!!
    I really think your thread will get more traffic on the Industry or Do It Yourself wishes in your endeavors

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    Default Re: Help on aroma chemicals for cosmetics

    Thank you for the advice, I think you are right, I will post on industry.
    Have a good day

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