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    Default Jovan Musk for Men Evening Edition

    Has anyone tried the Evening Edition of Jovan Musk for Men? I am presuming it is an intense version which Jovan launched in the '80s.
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    Default Re: Jovan Musk for Men Evening Edition

    I haven't seen this edition. Is it a new release?

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    Default Re: Jovan Musk for Men Evening Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamp View Post
    I haven't seen this edition. Is it a new release?

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    Default Re: Jovan Musk for Men Evening Edition

    Hello -

    I wanted to pick up this old thread. One of the rarer bottles from the Jovan line. I was able to get a couple of the small .85oz (25ml) splash bottles of this for a fair price. They were dusty, but well-kept.

    Jovan Musk for Men Evening Edition was released in 1985 - and has since been discontinued. Not impossible to find, but definitely rather rare and something that is guaranteed to be "Vintage" if you have some.

    I did a full-wearing this evening of Vintage Jovan Musk for Men (original). I put several dabs of Jovan's evening addition on my forearm to do a test. It is definitely different. It seems to be a more focused scent - I get more animalic musk and not mint or light notes like in the regular formulation which is airy and radiant. The spices are deeper & darker - more pepper. I find the carnation-clove to be more prominent as well. This wears a bit closer and has a fullness. In a decant spray, it opens more, but the notes are still the same. Amber seems to be turned up as well in the base, along with the richer musk.

    A blended wearing - splash-on the Vintage Jovan Musk for Men and then a couple of sprays of the Evening really nice. They both compliment one another perfectly and the subtleties next to each other are very apparent.

    I am going to do a more full wearing in the next couple of days - but curious to hear what others know as well from this old thread. The spices are there but not much citrus at all, but it is definitely a stronger musk and more "formal" scent. I still get some florals, amber and wood. Interesting.

    Anyone else have comments on it? I am liking what is here. The contrast of it next to Jovan Musk for Men (Vintage as well) is what really shows just "how" different it is).



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    ― Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen
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