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    Default Fake Dior Homme?

    Does this bottle of Dior Homme look fake (*the top of the silver tube looks strange to me*)?

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    Default Re: Fake Dior Homme?

    It does look strange... is it the way the glass makes it appear or is the tube actually bent funny? Could be just a simple manufacturing defect. It all comes down to the juice and how it smells. Dior Homme looks like it's bottles would be a bit difficult to fake with their style of sprayer which is unique.
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    Default Re: Fake Dior Homme?


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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post


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    Default Re: Fake Dior Homme?

    it looks fine to me

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    Default Re: Fake Dior Homme?

    thanks for the input guys

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    Default Re: Fake Dior Homme?

    OK guys need more input (the tube just looked bent because of the glass)... has anyone had their the sliver tube dislodged from the top and now sitting on the bottom of the bottle? ... Keep in mind that this bottle was chipped on the side indicating the lack of care for the previous owner...

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    No way not fake. That would be Pretty elaborate fakery for a partial bottle of a designer frag!
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