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    Default milkweed blossom tincture

    Hi all,
    I am brand new to the forum and just started experimenting with tincture/perfume making using flower petals. I am wondering if anyone has ever used milkweed flowers in a tincture? My common milkweed plants are blooming right now and they smell heavenly....wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them.Thanks for any info!!

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    There are many kinds of milkweeds. I do know that they are the only food source for monarch butterflies, so I would be inclined to let the butterflies have them. There are plenty of other useful scents to tinker with.

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    Default Re: milkweed blossom tincture

    the monarchs use milkweed plant as a larval source, laying their eggs on the leaves and the caterpillars will chomp through them. Haven't seen too many butterflies on the flowers for nectar. I was just wondering if the milkweed sap ( which is poisonous) would interfere with the perfuming process, though there is no sap in the tiny blossoms......thanks for the reply!:

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    Hi orangeowl,
    Did you develop a method? I'm interested too.

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