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    Default MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    Montale is situated in sight of the statue Francoise Premier on Place Vendome. Place Vendome steeped in history is renowned for prestigious jewellers and the Ritz Hotel. The Ritz Hotel where Coco Chanel lived on the first floor. She would go out the back door of the Ritz, onto rue Cambon and walk 50 meters to her office/showroom 34 rue Cambon. The same back door entrance Lady Diana took on her last fateful night. Place Vendome is where you will not find a cheap coffee. It’s a place where you can find yourself staring at a diamond necklace in the window with a price tag of 4 million euro – uhh cheap “I take two please” “What? You want me to pay an extra 50cents for the plastic bag it goes in”?

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

    Montale is ideally placed as it storefront is situated in the very rich only who pass by street.

    Montale remains a bit mysterious to its origins, no mention n their site. It’s a very successful and slick marketing operation. Always customers in their shop the 6 odd times I have called in to sniff etc.

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    The shop is very small in total about 10 square meters maximum for ground floor and if you look at the photo of the shop you will see a glass arch above the awning. This is where the office is where Celine and crew operate from another 10 square meters. This is where your emails arrive for online orders and sent from here.

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    In the shop it’s full of chrome and steel and mirrors. Everything is faultless from the famous canisters to the glossy black shelving and back walled mirrors that give the canisters value. The juice is concealed unlike most other bottles found from m the other perfume houses.
    In terms of sales against overheads I feel Montale is winning the race big time.

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    I bumped into Celine. It was Saturday afternoon in the shop. She was helping serving customers. Its a very small shop so doesn’t take a lot of customers to make it busy.
    Anyway I said Hi to Celine on behalf of Base Notes thanking her for helping out the members that had trouble with spillage etc.
    I swore she blushed!

    Celine is a white French female around 37years old and quite tall. She is not a super model BUT then again she is not far off. Very attractive women. I asked her if I could take photos of the shop to show on Base Notes and she said 'yes' on the condition that no people appeared in the shots. Have I respected her request?

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

    For those of you that have dealt with Pierre he was there too. He is medium height and build. Black hair with a light grown beard, dressed in black t-shirt and black jeans looking rather tan and fit.

    They are all to busy so I did not feel it would be wise to ask them a lot of questions, BUT I could stay for a sniff or two!

    My gosh what is that smell? “Black Oud , Monsieur” – Sorry got to go BYE…

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    My all time favorite fragrance boutique in Paris. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    LOVE IT!!.....Super cool place.............can't wait to return!!

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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    Nice run-through and great pics, thanks!

    Would it not be wise to post these in the City Shopping Guide forums so that both male and female basenoters can enjoy it? There is little reason (to my mind) to have this exclusively on the Male Fragrance Discussion board.

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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    Wow, that must of been a real treat. I know how I fealt visiting Le Labo in New York. Too bad I was so excited that all the pictures I took came out bleary.

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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    and they still use hotmail as there main email address....
    My Top Six - Guerlain Vetiver, Santal Noble, Bois Du Portugal, Antaeus, GIT, Vetiver Extraordinaire


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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    Oh God, too much pink! Now stop it, Montale, the joke isn't funny anymore...

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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    Fantastic store, looks like they a very friendly place.

    Have you photographed Celine?

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    Default Re: MONTALE_ PARIS CALLING – Series 1

    Thanks for sharing

    Looks like my terrible impression of the boutique wasn't a one off. Nothings changed.
    Is that a stockroom or a boutique ?
    Shameful to have a boutique in Place Vendome with this state. are they still filling 20ml canisters by the hundreds on the counter in picture # 3. Appears that they are from the sticker labels in the last pic.
    Cardboard boxes laying around. Random materials and supplies in bags on the floor completely visible to the customer.
    I'm just sayin ...

    for swap/sale:

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