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    Default Anyone who has bought from ?

    They have a decent price, and a big variety.

    Has anyone bought there to recommend it ?

    thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Anyone who has bought from ?


    has anyone heard about this store?

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    Default Re: Anyone who has bought from ?

    i never heard of it until now. be sure to factor in the cost of shipping if you're doing a price comparison, it's not an especially competitive rate, at least to my country. (38 USD to the UK)

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    Default Re: Anyone who has bought from ?

    I don't like websites that make you sign up before they will disclose all the costs. You should be able to calculate shipping to a zip code without having to fill out a whole bunch of info.

    They have some good prices but like the other guy mentions if they have a fat shipping and handling costs it negates any savings.

    Edit: I phony-balonied the sign up info only putting a correct shipping zip code and it gave me a calculation on the shipping at $6.95 which is about average for a US to US ship. So that makes the particular bottle I was looking at the cheapest price I have found anywhere on the internet for a new bottle by a few bucks. So now I have to wonder about the quality/freshness of the bottle.

    Some good things of note are the website does mention a 30 money back guarantee though so that's a pretty good return window. They accept paypal which is nice and they have the BBB logo on the bottom so I guess there's some feedback there on them to check out.
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    Default Re: Anyone who has bought from ?

    Yea, I was looking for the A*Men Pure Malt

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    Default Re: Anyone who has bought from ?

    I would not be the first person to try this website.

    1. no reviews at all dispite the fact that their site has been online since 2009 according to information about their web domain
    2. They don't even have some type of physical store or warehouse that you can see exists like fragrancenet does
    3. Their address is a freakin PO box
    4. They are not listed on the Better Business Bureau website despite the fact that they are using their insignia

    But i could be gravely mistaken but i guess someone could try calling their contact #

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    Default Re: Anyone who has bought from ?


    Good point, on the BBB!! I did not even know how to check that, haha
    They are using their insignia, fuck.

    By the way, I saw this address, as a PO Box. What the fuck? ahuahauahuah

    And no reviews on the internet, at all.
    I'll pass, for now, haha

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