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    Default Valentino Vendetta

    Testing Valentino Vendetta today and to me it smells exactly like Halston Z-14. Anyone agree?

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    It has been decades since I have smelled Z-14 but I don't remember the similarity. I too just got Vendetta and so far I don't like it - it has a strong note of something, cumin perhaps, that I don't like. My wife likes it though and doesn't think it is strong.
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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    I too got one note that threw the whole thing off for me, and my gf also didn't think it was as bad as I thought.

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    I rejected that one long time ago when I first tried it, maybe it is a nice cologne but I simply didn't have the patience to suffer through the opening notes.

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    Well, this is the second day in a row that I have worn Vendetta and as is often the case I am liking it more now that I have gotten used to it. It does have very bitter, herbal notes but it is quite interesting once you get past the strangeness.
    All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    I loved it when I used to wear it.. I remember it having a most characteristic bitterness/spiciness over a slightly leathery/woodsy base...
    Quite definitely a signature scent if it fits you and also quite definitely a scent one grows into....

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    I wore Z-14 a long time ago but I tried it recently and didn't like it so much. IMO there are just better fragrances of all kinds. Jan Moran maintains that it's still one of the best. I was curious about Vendetta but not so much after hearing it compared to Z-14.

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    I decided I can't live without it...sadly it's already discontinued and it's a matter of doing some serious stocking up. I just love the combination of woods, jasmine, clove, geranium, and patchouli. Actually reminds me of a sweet tobacco on the whole. Longevity sucks if I don't use something to keep it from my skin absorbing it all though. Lasts forever if I do though. I can wear this much more easier than Antaeus anytime...


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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    Count me as a fan also.

    A quite unusual scent in one of the prettiest bottles ever.

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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    I'm a fan too, my ideal choice on a romantic summer evening.
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    Default Re: Valentino Vendetta

    Reviving this thread because I think Valentino Vendetta pH is terrific, and I agree with the OP from back in the day that it is similar to (old formulation) Halston Z-14, though sharper in the spice heart, and less woodsy/piney. (The new formulation of Z-14 is horrible chemical warfare stuff and should be avoided at all costs.)

    Vendetta has no cumin that I can detect, and I can detect very tiny amounts of that stuff. I don't get a tobacco vibe really. I find the longevity pretty good, not amazing or anything, but not short by any means.

    Z-14 has a woody, round, outdoorsy naturalness that is wonderful, while Vendetta has a crisp musky veneer of gentlemanly class, but it's clear to me that Vendetta was directly inspired by Z-14. And why not? It had been 20 years and there hadn't yet been any other notable explorations in the Z-14 area besides the obscure Simon Chang Maestro (also nice, more mossy and herbal). Tom Ford's Italian Cypress also descends directly from Z-14, though it is more roundly woodsy and costs ten gajillion times more.

    Moving farther from Z-14, Givenchy's Xeryus is less sharp than Vendetta and features increased floral sweetness and musk. Another step away is Narciso Rodriguez pH, which increases the musk even more and tones the spice way down, while dialing the thickening synthetics up, creating a sort of concrete accord, and adding violet leaf. Continue on that path adding more violet leaf and you eventually reach Dior Fahrenheit, where the synthetics thin back down into a more petroleum effect.

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