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    Exclamation I need your advice...

    I have just opened a bottle of vintage parfum extrait, only to find that the small rubber plug that is normally affixed to the underside of the screwcap has torn and fallen into the bottle when opening it for the first time.

    I'd like to ask what you might suggest for me to use to remove it (preferably without having to decant the contents into another receptacle).

    I have pipettes, but the the neck of the bottle is too narrow to allow them to pass. The flacon is also too deep to try and spike it with a long pin or needle, in an attempt to draw the rubber plug up. (Unless perhaps I can get my hands on a rather long syringe).

    I worry that if the plug is not removed quickly, it will begin to deteriorate and taint the precious juice.

    Can anyone suggest anything?


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    How about using tweezers? Some medical tweezers are really slim: and I think you can get them in most drugstores.

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    Thanks for the response Habanitta
    Its a great idea, but I see the tweezers are also tapered (much like my pipette) which unfortunately would only reach part way into the bottle.

    The good news is that I just found a solution that was staring me in the face all along! I thought Id write it here in the event someone else may face a similar situation...

    I upended the bottle (with the cap on) until the plug drifted forward and blocked the hole in the neck again. I carefully unscrewed the cap (the bottle still upside down) over a small basin as a precautionary measure, but fortunately the plug prevented any liquid from spilling. With a needle, I pierced the plug and dragged it forward, whilst turning the bottle rightside up again. The plug popped out, and not a drop was spilled.

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    Neve mind. I see you found a solution. I was suggesting something similar!
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