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    Default Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    I wore Parfum Sacre again yesterday and marvelled at what a lovely thing it is. Now lots of the Carons are similarly unusual and they don't necessarily appeal to everyone. Some are downright old-fashioned and they are not all that easy to get, except on line.

    Notes of Parfum Sacre are: lemon, pepper, mace, Cardamon, Rose, Jasmine, rosewood orange blossom Vanilla Myrhh Cedarwood, civet,

    If I were to use a wine comparison, then the soft chypres are unwooded chardonnay, the classic florals are an aged merlot and Parfum Sacre is a Gluehwein (Mulled wine), spiced and fragrant, leaving a warm glow after an afternoon of skiing.

    So if you want something on the oriental side to try, that is a subtle blend of spices and traditional floral accord, consider giving it a try.


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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    For me Parfum Sacre has always been like old fashioned rose dusting powder with spice. A mix of something classic but with a twist. The rose really comes out on me.

    I loved your wine selection alagory(sp).

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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    I LOVE Parfum Sacre, it's one I cannot do without. On my skin it's almost gourmand, mostly creamy vanilla, spices, and honey (some florals turn to honey on my skin), faint woods and incense are what keep it from being completely edible.
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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    Sacre.... Out of what I have ever had, and once again --I am sorry if this gets on other people's nerves -- the best version is one of the first ones in the golden rounded bottle: spicy and balsamic fantasy rose with the hint of decay, which many older Carons boast.

    The newer one from a polka dot bottle -- and I suspect this is the one that you have got, Lili B -- was full-bodied, rounded, very powdery and almost gourmand on me, Mr.T's favorite, but I had to part with it because the musk in the drydown was overbearing, and I am sensitive to musks in general.

    The newest version/Intense boxed in a purple box is great, closer to the original than my previous one. There are plans on buying a FB in the future.

    None of them is Gluehwein, Gluehwein and burnt candles is Fendi Theorema (no roses, though).
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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    This is one I pulled the trigger on only recently- not having had the opportunity to sample it. Posts of different versions and reformulations were confusing and scaring me.
    But I could not resist ordering a bottle of EDP from Despite the picture displayed being the hobnail bottle, my order actually arrived in the purple box with a cylinder bottle wrapped in purple vinyl and a little metal disc hangtag.

    Very glad I took the plunge, as it is indeed a beautiful creation !!!!

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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    I put this up to my Narcisse Noire and Aimez-Moi. A more modern Caron, but rich and warm.

    I also got the purple bottle with the hangtag in the fake stingray-skin--or galuchat--(cruelty-free) bottle.
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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    One of my favourite Carons - so glad others like it too! It might keep this beautiful scent in production. This perfume is simultaneously soothing and stimulating, IMO. The pepper and rose call our attention to the scent, while the myrrh and woods keep things flowing smoothly without any jarring notes.
    Generally, I like all the older Carons, including N'Aimez Que Moi, Rose, Or et Noir and the wonderful Parfum Sacre. Something they all have in common is the thrilling note of rose, which Caron does in quite a special way - I don't know which rose they use, and maybe someone could enlighten me? I call it "thrilling" because it is focused and quite strong, with citrussy notes, to my nose, unlike some of the newer rose scents, such as Lyric Woman, which to me smell more winey and decadent.
    Having learned the horrid news that Rose is now discontinued and Or et Noir is definitely in danger, all of us who love Caron should support these beautiful perfumes and help keep them going.

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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre - warm and spicy

    This is one of the first fragrances I bought after joining Basenotes. I read everyone's ecstatic reviews and blind bought a vintage bottle ... the glass with the cheap black and gold top. I ADORE it, and find it warm and comforting. It smells very unique to my nose, not at all like the fruity sweet perfumes that are all over the shelves here. I'm so glad I took the jump.
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