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    Default Black Tourmaline

    All I can say is WOW! I have had this sample in my drawer for about three months and was not really interested in trying it. I got the sample from lucky scent at the recommendation of the SA. I really like the smokey spicy start. It is really pleasant. It has aspects of Gucci Pour Homme I, Le Labo Rose 31 with the smokey spiciness. I just put it on about 20 minutes ago, so I am not sure how it will dry down, but if it is like the opening this will be bottle worthy.
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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    completely agree...a masterpiece (but unfortunately the only one that is worth owning in the whole Olivier Durbano's range).

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    I hate it. It smells like meat to me.


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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    I actually like it.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    With so much smoke, Black Tourmaline is bound to be divisive. I happen to love it, but found so few occasions to wear it that I eventually unloaded my bottle. I have to agree that everything else I've tried from Durbano has been a disappointment by comparison.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    I like this fragrance for its dark smokiness. I don't wear it often but I think it is a very fine incense fragrance. One of the best made.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    Ive been dying to try it.
    Have ordered a sample.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    I'm a fan of all Durbano scents. Black Tourmaline, Turquoise and Rose Quartz are my faves. BT has a wonderful dry down... Peppery, woody, dry and black as coal.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    Mazzolari Lui and Durbano Black Tourmaline - it feels good to know they are right there, within your reach, in your wardrobe..and know what? it also is good to have them when you just wanna lift the cap and smell the wonderful aroma around the spritzer or for that matter the smells it exudes when you open your wardrobe, ...but then the problem is, you'll hardly ever wear it. it's cruel.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    It's fantastic stuff - count me as a fan.
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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    Quote Originally Posted by alfarom View Post
    completely agree...a masterpiece (but unfortunately the only one that is worth owning in the whole Olivier Durbano's range).
    I agree, although Rock Crystal is pretty good as well. Black Tourmaline is his only masterpiece though, and the only one worth the $$. You have to love smoke, though.

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