So I ordered a couple 2ml samples of Esencia Loewe on eBay after it was recommended to me on my "bitter green" thread ( and fell in love. Then I ordered a new 150ml tester from a different ebay seller.

I just received it, and from the first spray, it is apparent that it is a very different fragrance. It's much darker and mossier, not nearly as fresh and delightful as what is in the samples. I am comparing them side by side now and the difference is very obvious to me. And this is not only the top notes: the samples have a dry-rosy freshness, while the big tester has a musty, earthy feel. They're not completely different, but they definitely smell like different formulations. I don't really like this version of the fragrance.

My questions are:

1) Has anyone experienced a reformulation of Esencia Loewe?
2) Do you think I should exchange the tester for a different bottle? I wonder what the chances are that I will get another bad bottle from the same seller.