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    Default The Knize Signor Vivara ?

    I recently acquired a bottle of this 1970 frag (Signor Vivara) by Emilio Pucci. While I don't think the leather is quite as strong initially as it is in The Knize Ten, it's certainly strong. It's also got a strong spice note (seems to be mostly cinnamon), and it's a little sweet. It also has that same full, rich, and powdery quality. Though it seems to have some oakmoss, I think it's got more of a sandalwood than oakmoss accompaniment to the leather (than K10). And while it seems to have patchouli, it doesn't go into that heavy patchouli/wood/amber cream accord that I find so revolting for some reason. Unlike K10, I don't detect castoreum here, nor any other clear animalic note. Has anyone else tried this one?

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    Default Re: The Knize Signor Vivara ?

    I recently bought this scent and I'm wondering if your bottle looks the same as mine? Ingredients are not written on the box and on the bottom of the bottle is embossed gas modele depose. On the internet I've seen a different bottle. Could you or anyone else who own or have tried it, date this scent(bottle) ? Here are some pictures.


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