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    Default Summer edition 2011 perfumes

    I've tried a couple of new editions of perfumes for summer 2011 and I really like the Armani Code (grapefruit and fresh) and Alien Sunessence Amber(gourmand musky).

    Does anyone know any others worth seeking out?

    I know so little, so please excuse the naive question: do these editions get withdrawn after the summer, never to reappear? In other words, do I need to buy while they are still available and when exactly would they be likely to be withdrawn?

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    Default Re: Summer edition 2011 perfumes

    Gaultier Summer Versions appears every year, with the same smell and different bottles.
    CK One Sumemer Versions have different smell year by year.

    I dont know about Armani or Mugler, but i think they dont change every year, like CK One Summer.

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