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    Default Is Shulton's Night Spice very similar to Bogner Deep Forest ?

    This is what some claim. Today I tried Night Spice (from the late 80s), though I've never tried Deep Forest. There was strong lavender at first (though not irritating), but that didn't last long. The drydown was a typical Old Spice kind of thing, sweet and creamy patchouli/sandalwood. It's a little powdery, perhaps a touch of spice, etc. What impressed me most is how nicely blended it is. There is no harsh anise or anything like that. I didn't detect a major moss note, if there is any oakmoss at all. There may be a mild animalic note. There is no major clean/soapy quality to it. Anyone have experience with these two?

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    Default Re: Is Shulton's Night Spice very similar to Bogner Deep Forest ?

    I got Night Spice not too long ago, of course a little darker than the original, I like it.

    Unfortunately I have not tried Forest, both are not easy to find though I would not hesitate on purchasing Forest if I came across it at a good price.
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