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    Default Xerjoff Kobe 100ml

    I see the range now includes 100 ml bottles which offer a better value, but they are only available at their online shop. Has anyone in the US ordered directly from them? What are your experiences with the transaction and shipping/customs, etc. ?

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Kobe 100ml

    I looked and did not see a 100ml bottle. I'm not aware they made them--yet.

    But I stand correct though it was difficult to find on their site. It only comes in the stupid price gauging gift box, too.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Kobe 100ml

    yeah, it also comes in the silk bag for around $500 for the 100 ml. Still very steep but better value than the 50 ml.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Kobe 100ml

    Can they take a hundred off if they keep the silk bag?

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Kobe 100ml

    Where is the 100ml ????
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Kobe 100ml $509.40 silk bag boxed, or $679.20 for 100ml gift box. The 100ml bottles have been there for a wihle now

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