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    Default New Fragrance: Tonino Lamborghini Prestigio


    The men's fragrance collection from Tonino Lamborghini, which includes Azione, Esplosivo, Feroce, Forza, Intenso and Mitico, gets another fragrant companion. The latest edition Prestigio is inspired by Italian men well known for their style, classic elegance and charm.

    The new fragrance is the embodiment of passion and virility, created as a fragrant weapon of seduction. A man who chooses it is poised, charismatic, confident and ambitious. Prestigio edition draws attention with a modern and sophisticated composition, which offers the sparkling freshness of lemon and mandarin, fresh pineapple juice and the sophisticated craft of spicy nutmeg in the top. The heart emphasizes a floral mix of violet and orange blossom, spicy cinnamon and warm amber. The base notes introduce a magnetically attractive combination of cedar, vanilla and musk, along with tonka that provides depth and sensuality.


    Top notes: lemon, mandarin, pineapple, nutmeg
    Heart: violet, orange blossom, cinnamon, amber
    Base notes: cedar, musk, vanilla, tonka

    The design of the bottle is of the same form as the previous fragrances of this collection. On the black body, the brandís logo stands outóan image of a wild bull that is the symbol of the brand. The bottle is made of black, smoky glass, massive, elegant and powerful.

    The Prestigio collection includes 50 ml Eau de Toilette, 100 ml after shave, 200 ml shower gel and 150 ml deo body spray. The collection will be available from September 2011.

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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tonino Lamborghini Prestigio

    The notes pyramid look delectable but I know in my heart it'll be another commercial/designer perfume thats weak.

    Also, weird to see amber in the middle notes. Im used to seeing it at the base.
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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tonino Lamborghini Prestigio

    They have this one now at Marshall's/TJ Maxx for $7.99 for a 50ml. Someone had opened one, so I took a sniff, not expecting much. To my surprise, it actually seemed pretty nice. I'm thinking about grabbing one for the heck of it since it's so cheap. Has anyone else picked this one up or sampled it? Any thoughts? From my quick sniff in the store, it seemed reminiscent of LeMale/Cuba Gold, etc., with maybe an extra layer of amber sweetness (ala 1 Million) mixed in. Seemed pretty decent for an ultra cheapie. Anyone else picked this one up?

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    Default Re: New Fragrance: Tonino Lamborghini Prestigio

    I haven't seen Prestigo yet, but I wasn't too impressed with most of the other ones, as none were on par with the original citrus woody Tonino Lamborghini scent that came out a decade or so ago.
    But I recently came across them going cheap, and decided that the oriental Feroce had a bit of depth to it and bought the 100ml bottle for $10.

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