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    Default The best dark musks

    I have bought heaps of musks labled as dark or animalic, but most of them turned up dissappointing..floral, powdery, sweet, blah

    Of course the best one would be Ajmal Musk Gazelle. Yowwie...definitely lives up to its reputation, and worth the hefty price tag..mainly cause itll probably last forever @.@

    Also animalid's musk deer reconstitution isnt too bad, (and a lot more public friendly) like a facefull of deer crotch upon application, but dies after half an hour ish to a...root beer scent?! O: probably just my skin chemistry

    If anyone knows other good dark musks, drop a post here so i dont waste more money on misadvertised crap

    On a side note, if anyone has ever come across REAL deer musk, how does that compare to these?
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