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    Default Givaudan EDT Pour Homme

    There is a bottle of this for sale on eBay but I can find no trace of this on the internet or in Perfume Intelligence. Has anyone heard of this?

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    Default Re: Givaudan EDT Pour Homme

    I have never ever heard of it, and after a little search I couldn't find any information about it. It looks like you found a real treasure.

    Ebay sale


    Btw, it looks like it could be a miniature, but of course I might be absolutely wrong.
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    Default Re: Givaudan EDT Pour Homme

    I'm guessing its not really from Givaudan. Maybe its a cheapie unbranded scent and the factory just picked the name because it was on some of their raw materials and it sounded fancy?

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    Default Re: Givaudan EDT Pour Homme

    Perhaps e-mailing the company and see what they say.

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    Default Re: Givaudan EDT Pour Homme

    I mailed them earlier today out of curiosity. No answer during this Thursday, but I let you guys know if they should bother to give me some sort of information towards this specific fragrance.

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    Default Re: Givaudan EDT Pour Homme

    Well I won this for £1 and it is between 50 and 75mls. I will report back when I receive it. It could be a gem or a dud but for a £1 it's worth the gamble!

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