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    Default Liqours as part of a frag

    I was wondering earlier, where people got the bay rum EO, ABS or what ever because in my mind I can't figure out how one would extract that from the liquor itself.

    Secondly I can never seem to find it, the only thing available on to me is some kind of cognac residue extract.

    So I was wondering, could I take from my liquor cabinet and use bits of my own for these notes?

    or is there actually a supplier of rum and other liquor extracts?

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    Default Re: Liqours as part of a frag

    There are some extracts of natural materials that can give you the scent of an alcoholic beverage of some sort (such as the cognac / brandy / wine extracts you mention - these are the only ones I have in my own collection) however many such notes are added to mass-market perfumes using aroma-chemicals. I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the chemical that gives a scent of rum at the moment . . . doubtless someone here will know.

    However I see no reason not to experiment with things from the bar . . . just be aware that they will have a relatively low alcohol content compared to your perfume so if you add much of something like rum you may find your perfume goes cloudy. Well worth experimenting with, as they say in certain advertisements, what's the worst that can happen?

    PS - just realised I should have mentioned another potential pitfall - sugar: with liqueurs as distinct from liquors there is going to be a high percentage of sugar, which could result in a sticky perfume that attracts insects . . . probably not a good thing!
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    Default Re: Liqours as part of a frag

    Thanks for the Insight Chris

    That's something that I hadn't thought of, perhaps I might actually just go and find the frag molecules that emulate the scents. I can't have people being chased around by the bee's out here in California as we tend to have the overly aggressive hybrids. However I think I should be ok as long as I stick to the basics, rum, cognac and bourbon.

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    Default Re: Liqours as part of a frag

    If you want to go the aroma chemical route on the "rum", you could start with ethyl propionate and/or ethyl heptanoate. The "bay" part is an essential oil.
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    Default Re: Liqours as part of a frag

    Thanks for the tip on the frag molecule Doc elly. I'll have to keep that in mind when I order from the perfumers apprentice next.

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