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    Default Re: Slips -- a thing of the past?

    I've been sewing lately, and have recently realized that all of these skirt patterns that call for a lining wouldn't need a lining if I just made one or two linings that are separate from the skirt...

    ...and then I realized that I was talking about a half slip. So I'll be making and wearing a couple of half slips.

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    Default Re: Slips -- a thing of the past?

    There are still plenty of slips available. Jones New York makes a whole line, and they're available here at The Bay, and I've also seen full slips from Spanx which are shapewear on top and and flared at the bottom. Commando makes some nice full and half slips, too.

    Personally, I hate slips. I remember being forced into them when I was a child, and every now and then I've had a dress that "required" one. I've never found that they reduced cling and static; they seem to amplify it, and boy, there's just nothing like having TWO layers fighting between your thighs over your tights as you walk!

    I've found it easier to take any clothes with special static issues to the consignment shop and let them become someone else's problem.

    I do currently have in my front hall a box of vintage clothing given me by a friend. It's full of amazing dresses from the 40s and 50s, loaded with detail -- and six or seven vintage, shaped, lovely full slips, in colours -- navy, red, brown, a blue I think. I don't know why I'm hanging onto any of it; even the dresses are not my style of vintage -- but they are SO well made. The box has been in someone's attic since the 70s, which means that compared to the current picked-clean vintage market, all this stuff is really high-quality hand-tailored daywear -- and in a real size, fitting me and my "average medium". (Most vintage you find these days is either tiny tiny or enormous.)

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