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    Default New Buy - Bogart Silver Scent Intense + more finds in israel

    Hi everyone

    Today while in israel on vacation i found a discounted section of different men cosmetics and fragrances. I did not have have enough with me to buy more then one item so i am planning to go back to the store before i leave.

    Here is what i found (at a good price) with a short opinion:

    * i tried all on a napkin and on a card

    YSL La nuit edp - not sure if it arrived to the US but in israel it was offered for about 55$. It is pretty good imo it smells deeper and sweeter but not in a fruity way. i find the gourmand side to be more noticeable

    Van Cleef Midnight in paris - I never got a chance to find it in the US. here in israel it was offered for about 48$. Very similar to Bvlgari black but there are some differences. I wish i had both available at the time to compare. As far as my memory serves me Bvlgari is a bit more leathery. - i didnt buy it because i dont think it is suitable for the summer/heat

    Nikos Sculpture - Very different scent. its a fresh scent but not the kind you would think. i find it to be somewhat like the scents you find walking in a small beach town with a lot of fruit stands. It is a little too synthetic on paper, but for only 15$ it might be worth it.

    Zen for men by Shiseido - 13$ for the large bottle. Very tempting when the original marked price was about 120$. On paper all i was smelling is diapers...very clean powdered diapers. The powder wasnt strong but it was like a fresh aquatic diaper. i dont know if i like it or sure on me it would smell different but idk.

    Bogart Silver Scent Intense - Ok this is a great scent imo. at 20$ it did catch my eye right away especially when i never heard of the maker. The top notes remind me of my childhood. We used to have an orange tree outside in my yard and my mom would hand laundry right under it. The laundry would get this fruity scent afterward. Its very fresh and clean laundry smelling with a fruity accord. Once it dries it has a bubblegum/grape smell. If you go to the liquor store and buy the 360 vodka in concord grape flavor this is very similar to what the grape in SSI is like.
    I ended up buying it. I found the projection and lasting power to be very good. Two sprays was too much.

    I also found L'Instant extreme but for 115$ its not worth it imo.

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    Default Re: New Buy - Bogart Silver Scent Intense + more finds in israel

    Thanks for the post. I have alway been interested in the Silver Scent Intense. Today I wore the regular Silver Scent and got over 8 hours of power and projection. From my understanding the Intense has more concentrate of oud wood.

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    Default Re: New Buy - Bogart Silver Scent Intense + more finds in israel

    I wasnt able to find the regular one, but this one is pretty woodsy. Kind of like one of the JV artisan. Maybe the black one but with less of a fabreeze smell to it.

    I can see the 8hr of power and projection. Im wearing it for about 4-5hrs and i can still smell myself.

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    Default Re: New Buy - Bogart Silver Scent Intense + more finds in israel

    Purchased my Silver Scent Intense from a website based in the UK. Much better than the original IMO.

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    Default Re: New Buy - Bogart Silver Scent Intense + more finds in israel

    bought silver scent intense and gave it away. stop talking about it like it is something great. It lasts maybe 24 hours and projects like a beast of a cologne. I didnt like the lychee scent though.

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