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    Default Just mixed some frags...WOW!!!

    I just mixed all my frags together in various combinations and I gotta say, they smell awesome.

    I only have 3 frags

    1. Altamir
    2. Jealousy (copy of Gucci Envy)
    3. Hercules (some cheap frag in a mans torso bottle)

    Mixing Altamir with Hercules creates a scent similar to Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male.

    I wasn't 100% happy with all my frags and mixing them together certainly helps.

    Now question is, what is the best way to mix them?

    I do not have one of those things you mix them in (forget what they are called).

    So how do I apply them to my pulse points without having to go over each spray point with multiple types of cologne? I don't want to smell like a perfume shop.

    I guess I could spray the mixture onto my wrist and then wipe it from their onto the sides of my neck and then wash it off my wrist if it is too strong?

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    Default Re: Just mixed some frags...WOW!!!

    I had a similar experience with mixing Dior Homme by Dior and Eau de Cedre Bleu by Yves Rocher: no matter how unspectacular these frags may seem taken apart, as soon as they are put together, the result is stunning

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    Default Re: Just mixed some frags...WOW!!!

    Wow, I'm surprised to hear this, as my experience has been that mixing frags that are quite "synthetic" smelling creates a "chemical mess." In a couple of cases, the results were okay but what would happen is that one frag would dominate after a short while. The only "good" result occurred when I mixed Etro's Ambra with a couple of other frags, just trying to soften/sweeten them up a little. Again, the problem is that one of the two frags tends to become dominant after a while. In one case I did create a kind of fig newton effect, but that is not what I was hoping to do (and I have a frag called Figue et Vanille that is an excellent fig newton kind of scent anyway). LOL.

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    Default Re: Just mixed some frags...WOW!!!

    I have yet to stumble upon something I would consider exciting resulting from mixing two fragrances.

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    I read a bizarre fave combo in the directory;
    A lady liked to layer Shalimar with Kouros.
    That was too strange to not give a go, and
    you know what? It works. It's delish! Sexxxy!

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    Default Re: Just mixed some frags...WOW!!!

    Usually mixing scents doesn't work. Is sorta like mixing soft drinks....

    But if you like it, why not.
    for swap/sale:

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    Only success I've ever had was Kiehls Musk under Shalimar. Shalimar's drydown is just a bit too edible for my tastes; the Kiehls gave it a nice hit of funk to keep things out of the pastry display.

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