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    Default Summer vs. Winter

    Hey, all. Fairly new to the game... I got a sampler pack from The Perfumed Court and ended up buying a bottle of the two I liked the most (Amouage Jubilation XXV and Hermessence Poivre Samarcande). I may end up getting some others (I loved Helmut Lange Cuiron, but it isn't made anymore), so I'm trying to figure out the summer vs. winter thing; could someone explain this to me?

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    Some people prefer to wear certain scents during certain seasons while others wear whatever they feel like regardless of the weather. For instance, an aquatic such as cool water would work good in hot weather while something heavy like Tobacco Vanille could be too "heavy" for the hot weather of the summer. On the other hand, and aquatic might be too light for the multiple layers of clothing and cold during winter. Make sense?
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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    Very generally:
    citrus, grassy herbal, green and floral perfumes are preferred in the summer.
    mossy-woodsy, spicy oriental, strong gourmands are preferred in the winter.

    But, it is in no way a rule, just a preference that some people have. Personally I find some fragrances are almost unthinkable to wear in the wrong season, but that's just me. Someone else could have a completely different idea of what works in which weather.

    If you don't feel a scent lends itself particularly to any season, then don't worry about it and wear what you like. It isn't as if someone will be smelling you thinking you are wearing the wrong season.

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    There are no rules. Wear any fragrance you want to during any season you want to.
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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    The lightest fragrances may not really "bloom" as nicely unless it's hot out, and the really strong ones can be overwhelming in the same circumstances. Otherwise it doesn't matter.

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    I'm rarely in a situation where I sweat (air conditioned apartment, work, and car), although that will be changing temporarily when I'm boiling at my family's lakehouse in the Midwest for the next two weeks. Neither of the colognes I wear seem overpowering, so I'll just limit myself to two sprays and hope nobody has a problem with it.

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    There are no rules. Wear any fragrance you want to during any season you want to.

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    I feel that any fragrance can be worn during any season.

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    I'm the one who is unable to wear givenchy pi, a*men....etc in summer so i get those sepration...

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    Default Re: Summer vs. Winter

    I'll wear anything anytime. I wore Caravelle Epicees last week. The median temp that day was 42 celcius ( celcius not fahrneheit).

    But yes, citruses when used abundantly are nice in the summer but you must decant about 20ml into an atomizer and keep it handy for "top ups" during the day.
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