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    Default I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Get this: My brother-in-law was doing some contract work for Estee Lauder. On his last day, I asked him if he could get me a bottle of Tuberose-Gardenia PARFUM (the one that retails for $325 and has the pretty semi-precious gem studded cap) at discount.

    When he called to say he had gotten for me, I asked how much I owe him.

    He said: NOTHING!!

    Me: No way!! Really?? You aren't serious...?

    He said: They gave it to me as a gift on my last day. You owe me nothing!

    Me: Speechless with all kinds of internal celebration firing in my brain.

    Just thought I'd share the delightful experience with others who can really appreciate how this made my entire day.

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Congratulations!! That is really exciting, what a nice brother-in-law you have!!!
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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!


    If the contract work was with Chanel instead, they would sell it for only 324

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Nice score! Nice BIL!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Congratulations on having a wonderful brother-in -law and a nice new bottle of scent!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Yay!!! What a gorgeous fragrance! What a lovely bottle! What a sweet brother in law you have! I'm thrilled for you.

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Way to go!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Thanks, everyone for the kudos! I like having this place to share my perfume geek happiness. Y'all just "get it" somehow! )

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Hey, that's cool! Wow, do enjoy it!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    What a nice gesture on Lauder's part.
    And what a nice memory to attach to the bottle.
    Enjoy, Chaplain.

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Congratulations. Enjoy.

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Congratulations chaplain! That certainly is a beautiful fragrance, & in that beautiful bottle, too! Lucky you, enjoy!
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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Congratulations! Beautiful scent and bottle and your BIL is a champ. Enjoy your new treat in the best of health.
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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!
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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    That's awesome!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Now *that* is a gift! Congratulations!
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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    What a great story! Enjoy!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Wow! We can all feel your delight over this! Thanks for sharing
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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    That was nice of the company, and so very sweet of your BIL to make the request when you asked him to.

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Thanks everyone for your sentiments! I will go to my sister's house this week and pick it up. I can't wait to get that bottle in my hot little hands! And yes, my BIL is quite a guy!

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    Default Re: I Got a Gift!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your good fortune! What a nice gift!
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