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    Default Help me choose a Fragrance.

    Hey all. I'll assume that I'm posting in the correct forum area, if not, my apologies.

    I need a new fragrance. I've been on Paul Smith's Extreme for Men for a while and It's lost my interest. It smelled okay but it never had any Sillage (I think that's the term I'm looking for.)

    So, my challenge, (or rather, plea), is that you can suggest to me some fragrances that meet the following quota:

    -Smells attractive to women
    -Would suit a Seventeen year old for most occasions, from school to a wedding.
    -Not too costly. Preferably £30 or under.
    -Has a decent sillage. Not too strong nor too weak.

    I hope you can provide me with some ideas.
    (PS: Please correct me if I'm using that damn Sillage term wrong.)

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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    have you tried chanel allure homme sport? i don't know how much it is in your currency, but it's not overly pricey.
    personally i like the original allure infinitely better but your peers might not agree, and sport is more versatile.

    another choice is versace eau fraiche. Teenage girls love it, at least from my experience.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    For your age: Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Versace Eau Fraiche, Ed Hardy's Love and Luck, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (The 90's bottle). Give them a try.
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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    You may have to up your allowance to about £40. It's worth the extra if you're gonna get Allure Homme Sport.

    I recommend Geir Ness, it can be found on Amazon for £33 and sometimes eBay, very good one for the summer (I find it similar to Allure HS too!).
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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    Nobody has suggested CW yet...

    So I will...

    Cool Water by Davidoff
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    Tom Ford - Extreme
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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    +1 for Cool Water. It's still my all time favorite & it works for all occasions. Also, even though it's been around a long time, younger women still seem to really like it too.

    Anyway, I'd suggest for summer; Cool Water, Acqua Di Gio, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Burberry Summer.
    For Winter or evenings; Le Male, Burberry Brit, or Sean John's Unforgiveable.

    If you are willing to spend more, I'd also recommend Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport (clear bottle), and Guerlain Homme.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    True Religion Man Eau de Toilette 100ml £22 boots (smells quite nice too), rocawear 9IX, Cool water also hot water(best one), joop homme, sean john unforgiveable the list can go on for a while better just going to boots or superdrug to test a few out(superdrug usually the cheaper one).

    I would not look at high end designer brands because for chanel, doir, gucci etc most of the smallest bottles usually 50ml are £40 and over (Thats if your budget is deffo £30).

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    Default Re: Help me choose a Fragrance.

    Carbone de Balmain

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