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    Default (Worldwide) Thierry Mugler Pure Havane - New and unopened + various samples

    Prices don't include shipping although capricious creature that I am, sometimes I'll foot the post bill. Send me a private message if you want to buy something.

    A note on pricing- I don't price to gouge people. Prices are determined by several factors, including how much I paid for it and how much it's worth _to me._ Sometimes this is well below the usual price it sells for other places, other times it's higher. I don't sell spoiled, adulterated, or fake perfume. Everything is 100% fresh and authentic.

    Offers are awesome, send me some. You won't insult me, but I may say no. Either way I'll consider 'em.

    If I'm running a sale, percentages off are on the listed price in boldface. If I'm offering 20% off, for example, that 20% comes off before shipping, just like any sale in any shop.

    My perfume is all stored in a cool, dry environment out of sunlight. Some are sprayed only a couple of times as I do a lot of blind buying and I admit to being finicky.

    Official samples I sell are always ones I have purchased myself, never those which have been given to me. Minimum sale amount is $10 before shipping.

    Paypal only, please. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay and a rating of 138. Thanks for checking out my stuff~


    Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane. 100 bottle, brand new, still in shrink wrap - never opened. Last one. $88

    ~Ouds, Attars, and Oils~

    None available at this time.

    ~Minis and Manufacturer's Samples~

    Shipping on all minis/samples is free w/ bottle purchase. These are *all* official products.

    Amouage Honour Women. Official 2 ml sample w/ original packaging. Sprayed three times. $13

    Thierry Mugler Pure Coffee. Official 1.2 ml sample w/ little box/card/thing, sprayed twice. $10

    Thierry Mugler B*Men. Official box of 1.2ml EdT, sprayed twice, and 10ml B*Men shampoo. $5

    Lush/Gorilla Perfume Official Samples. 2ml/ea., most have been dabbed once or twice on blotter paper.
    $8/ea., 2 for $6/ea., 4-7 for $5/ea.
    Orange Blossom
    Imogen Rose

    ~Other Goodies- Bottles, etc.~

    None available at this time
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    Default Re: (Worldwide) Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Malt and Pure Havane

    Bump: Pure Malt and Pure Havane added
    [URL=""]Pure Havane and Misc Samples[/URL]

    [URL=""]What's this, an offsite link to more sales?[/URL]

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