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Thread: Boss Number one

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    Default Boss Number one

    Scored a 125 ml. bottle for a few bucks.Just curious how many basenoters still like this scent.
    Wore it about 10 times and still like it very much.I feel it has some class but there is almost no talk about this oldie.
    The reviews of Number One are just as old as the scent so I think its almost forgotten,or not?

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    I think it`s a great scent, and the only one from Boss with class and character. This "powerhouse" still "rocks" !

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    Default Re: Boss Number one

    It's the only Boss fragrance worth owning (not including Baldessarini).
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    Default Re: Boss Number one

    I guess I am in the minority as I have never found this pleasant to my nose at all.

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    Surprisingly, I do enjoy this frag very much - it has definitely powerhouse leathery vibe

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    liked it before, cant stand it anymore...

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    I didn't like it at first overall, but there was something about it that I did, though I couldn't "put my finger on it." After a few wearings, I came to like it a lot. I now have the original formulation and the new, which is like having two similar frags that I really like: "win win." I think I had to "grow into" these complex, dynamic frags, and it seems (from what I read on BN) that others have the same situation as "newbies," which is that they get "wowed" by frags with a few strong notes, such as vanilla and wood, perhaps with one other strong note.
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    Boss Spirit and Boss Sport are very much worth owning too, in my opinion.
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    Boss Number One really does smell like #1.

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    Its a great fragrance. The vintage version is even better. It change the powdery notes to a strong soapy vibe. Much stronger and longlasting than the actual form.

    But the current formulation still worthing the very low price compared as the great refined smell that it has. Very sweet and manly, respectful, i should say.

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