Hi there!
I've been ordering samples galore recently, trying to find something that will draw me in.
I've found things I thought I'd love and have ended up hating.
My wardrobe is hardly even begun yet so sorry you can't look there for reference.
To give you an idea of my type, I've been wearing Vivienne Westwood Boudoir for a couple years now, whilst throwing in some warm comforting scents such as Kenzo Amour in between.
I'm a sucker for violet and powder (Guerlain Insolence style) and recently got a sample of Putain des Palaces by Etat Libre D'orange which yes, I love! But it's nowhere near as animalic as I had hoped.
I love the warm sweat scents such as McQueen's Kingdom. I feel like I've out worn my Boudoir, and having not much luck hunting for what would be the perfect fragrance for me, I've came to you guys for some inspiration.
I'd love a warm, dirty musk/leather, heavy with a powdery comforting floral on top, if that happened to be a violet, that would be icing on the cake! Warm violet though I'm not sure exists in a non earthy way. As cliche as I'm sure it sounds, I've been eager to try Serge Luten's MKK, however, I'm worried I'll just be disappointed?
Anyway! I'm extremely amateur in my descriptive vocabulary for fragrance so, anything recommended would be highly appreciated!
Hope to speak to more of you soon.